Why Bamboo Headwears is Better Than Ordinary Headwear


It is said that the best way to protect your head, be it from the harmful rays of the sun, or even a stylized way to dress post chemotherapy, a cap can be your best friend.

Caps are the best protectors for those undergoing chemotherapy. While hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy, the scalp is exposed to the harsh weather if not protected properly. But it is equally important to choose the right cap to suit your requirements.

What really happens to people undergoing treatment?

Around 99.9 % people begin losing their hair when they begin chemotherapy. During chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer, hair thinning, and hair loss are a common side effect.

People generally notice a change in their hair and observe that it takes around 1 to 3 weeks to see the difference. During this time the scalp is extra sensitive due to the cancer treatment. Brushing hair, washing, or even combing becomes a cumbersome exercise for those going through this treatment.

Options Available in the Market

Caps, wigs, hats, turbans, headwraps, scarves and many more such options are available in the market to help protect the head. While the extra sensitive scalp needs protection, it is also important to find the right kind of headwear to suit the needs.

It is important to know that weather too, plays an important role in selecting the right kind of head protection. Some people prefer wigs, scarves, or hats to cover their scalps. It is important to always choose head protection as this will help soothe the sensitive scalp while undergoing cancer treatment and even after. Head coverings can also protect the scalp from hot and cold weather.

Benefits Of Wearing Bamboo Viscose Headwear

1.Bamboo viscose fabric clam to provide silky soft feel. Its incredible soft feel make it suitable fabric for sensitive skin. Bamboo is wonderful for headwear for chemo patients.
2. Bamboo is light weight and breathable fabric.
3. Bamboo viscose headwear easy to wear an comfortable fit for all season.
4. Because of thermal properties, you can wear it in summer and winter both.
5. Bamboo viscose is long lasting, strong and durable.
6. Bamboo fabric has antiperspirant properties with itching free comfortable wear.

Headwear it Right?

When it comes to fabric for head, is bamboo fabric better than cotton? Yes, we believe it is. If you are looking for a comparison, between cotton and bamboo viscose, you are in for a surprise of how amazing bamboo viscose fabric truly is.

We can come directly down to the basics of comfort, quality, and care. Did you know that Bamboo clothes are extremely soft, smooth, and gentle on the skin? Imagine a cap made from bamboo viscose on your head that keeps your scalp breathable, protected, and supple. For headwear for hair loss Women bamboo viscose is good option.

Viscose comes from the cellulose of the bamboo plant, so it is environmentally friendly as well. It is also sometimes known as Bamboo Rayon.

There are some simple things you need to keep in mind, while choosing the right kind of Headwrap for your head.

For a person undergoing chemotherapy, comfort may be something important. So, when you choose a cap, ensure that it does not have any seams or stitches that can cause you trouble or irritation. Choose a soft fabric to make sure the sensitive and itchy scalp is relieved from any kind of possible irritation.

Seasons and weathers should be considered when choosing a cap. Choose a cap that keeps your head warm in the winter and breathable during the scorching summers.

When you buy a cap, ensure that it is easy to clean. Your headwear should be suitable for both machine and hand wash.

The right fitting of the cap is also important. Some people prefer snug hats and caps, whereas others believe a slightly looser headwear is better, such as beanie hats. The material of the cap should be considered, always go for something like Bamboo Viscose.

Last but not the least, it is important to see how much of the scalp is covered by the cap. To ensure that the scalp is protected from hot or even cold weather, choose a cap that covers the covers the whole of the scalp.

Varieties of Turbans and Headwear in the Market

There are numerous varieties of head wraps for women and turbans for men. Bamboo viscose headwear is extremely popular and checks all the boxes for being a great fabric for headwear. During bedtime, Bamboo Viscose Sleeping Caps help keep the head supple and add a touch of caress to the wearers. Check out the variety of headgear available on sites like theheadscarves.com