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Sometimes, even great looking wigs can still look fake. The strenuous care of wigs can be exhausting. If you ever decide to change the look, you must buy a new wig and add to the collection for every occasion.

All this is fine, but what happens when you are just not in the mood for taking on a hassle of the wig? You always have the option of stylising your look by wrapping your head in a beautifully designed scarf made of bamboo viscose material that feels soft and comfortable.

When we don’t take care of wigs in the right manner, they can lead to problems like scalp dryness, and itchiness. Additionally, improper maintenance of wigs can also make the wig look dull and frizzy.

There are mainly two types of wigs - Synthetic wigs & Human hairpieces or wigs. Let’s look at some important facts you need to keep in mind when you opt for wigs.

Human hairpieces are more on the expensive side. And just like regular hair, these wigs must be washed and cleaned. These wigs can be styled using irons and rollers and can be trimmed or highlighted as per the wearer’s choice. These wigs last longer with proper care and treatment.

Now when it comes to synthetic wigs, these are less expensive. However, they can’t be styled or coloured as per the choice of the wearer. Synthetic wigs take less care and can be trimmed to suit a haircut of choice. But they are, at the end of the day still synthetic.

Head for the best and best for the head

When it comes to head protection, it is best to rely on the professionals. The wide variety of alternatives for wigs have opened a new world of style for your ensemble and will add to your wardrobe.

Bamboo Viscose is used to create several styles. The material is best suited for people who suffer from hair loss after chemotherapy, medically related hair loss and Alopecia.

Wigs also need to be removed at bedtime. This is where the alternatives like scarves come to aid. The soft wrap of a Bamboo Viscose Sleeping Cap can help you get comfortable for a peaceful night.

With the option of choosing the right style, we also need to keep in mind the qualities of using Bamboo Viscose. The material is known for its characteristics like - Soft and Drapeable, Smooth and Luxurious to the touch, Good Breathability, Cool and Comfortable to wear, Anti-static, Strong and Durable, Abrasion Resistant.

The material is primarily used to make Bamboo Viscose headwear, Bamboo Viscose Sleeping Caps, Bamboo Viscose headwrap, Bamboo viscose Headwrap Turban, headwear for hair loss for men and many other accessories.

Does it even make a difference?

While wigs maybe a choice for parties, meetings, and outdoor activities, they can really get tedious to handle after some time. Weather plays a huge role in the tolerance of a wig.

On the other hand, if you choose to go with a stylish scarf wrapped around the head, it can become an accessory to your entire ensemble for the outing. Or a turban for men, can add that extra oomph for the entire look.

It is at the end of the day a matter of choice. If you choose wigs, make sure you’re ready for the care they need. And if you choose a more stylish, breathable option of Bamboo Viscose qualities, then you have a wide variety awaiting you at

Let go of your worries of the wigs and embrace the more dependable bamboo viscose scarves and turbans that will complete your look for anytime of the day and make you look dapper.

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